The American Worker

According to Twitter, President Obama has a plan in place that would expand overtime earnings and eligibility for millions of citizens in the workforce. The Administration is looking to require employers to pay employees overtime if they work more than 40 hours a week. Overtime is mandatory for hourly employees but is not for salaried employees. If managers or professionals in a management position make as much as $970 a week they will have to be paid overtime after working an average of 40 hours a week the rules for the overtime hike will be announced sometime on Tuesday. Some employees only receive $455 a week which averages out to $23,660 a year. When it comes to the income debate that estimates just below the federal poverty line in terms of taking care of a family of four. Routinely these people are not entitled to overtime wages since they are hired on as managers and cannot receive overtime wages. The new overtime wages would not take effect until 2016. These regulations are coming directly from the labor department. Individuals who work in restaurants or retail stores are going to be affected most. It is the hopes of many politicians that this will help shorten the gap of income inequality that is becoming a hot-button issue for the 2016 presidential campaign. The president is scheduled to talk more about the economy in the current stagnation of middle class and lower class workers in the next week.

Cake Censorship Issue Makes Headlines

A flag company owner, Kerry McCoy, recently noted that his firm will continue to produce the Confederate flag. “I don’t sell the Confederate flag for any special group; I just sell the flag.” He said. “This is America. Everybody has a right to be represented, whether you are a history buff, or a nut.”

His comments highlighted an issue which Boraie Development noted grabbed headlines over the weekend. Walmart issued an apology for baking a cake bearing the ISIS “Black Standard” emblem. ISIS is a terror organization.

The cake request had been submitted by a man who was offended after a Walmart in Slidell, Louisiana on Thursday denied his request to bake a cake carrying the Confederate flag and the words:”Heritage Not Hate.” The customer, Chuck Netzhammer, made a video about the incident and posted it on YouTube. His video displays a document purportedly returned to him by the store. It is a form with the message “cannot do cake” written on it.

In his video, Mr. Netzhammer complains that ISIS is “beheading Christians, selling little girls into slavery and is currently a terror org at war with the United States- but you can’t buy the General Lee toy car.” His comments refer to Walmart’s recent decision to remove all Confederate-flag bearing merchandise from its store shelves.

A Walmart spokesman issued a statement indicating, in part: “The cake should not have been made and we apologize.”

Iran Nuclear Deal Gets Delayed Until July 7

On Tuesday, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, stated that he believes his country will be able to reach a deal with the United States to temporarily limit his nation’s development of nuclear weapons. The current deal being negotiated will have very limited inspections by outside observers. Also, no key military site being used to enrich weapons grade uranium will be subject to inspections. Thus far, it appears that President Obama is willing to accept the word of the world’s lone sponsor of state terrorism at face value. In turn, he will make tangible concessions to the Iranians by lifting economic sanctions. Iran will not be compelled for formally recognize Israel as a state nor cease from sponsoring international terrorism through their myriad of front groups.

For this reason, GOP senators are deeply concerned the president will actually weaken national security for both the United States and Israel. GOP senators are promising to scrutinize the deal reports Marcio Alaor BMG. At the same time, the party is going to attempt to cut short the review period they will get from 60 days to 30 days. Ironically, the bill the Senate passed to supposedly require their approval of any Iran deal actually gives the deal the status of being approved by the senate as soon as President Obama secures Iran’s approval. If the GOP disapproves of the deal, they will be required to get a two-thirds majority of senators to vote against it. This will require 12 Democrats to vote down the deal, which will prove daunting.

KKK Wants to Take a Stand for Confederate Flag

The Ku Klux Klan wants to make a statement by holding a rally in South Carolina. This comes after much debate about the Confederate flag and the demand that the flag be removed from the lawns of government buildings. Although this is a group that wants to voice an opinion, what about the people who are against the flag. This is nothing more than a fight about who can keep a piece of material in the air and who should be forced to take it down. The flag does represent history and freedom in the south. It’s not something that should bring out the KKK and other groups that seem to want to start another civil war. The KKK has asked the state of SC for permission to rally, and it has been granted said Madison Street Capital. If they are smart, then they will hold something peaceful where they can voice their feelings in a civilized manner. If they let their voices take control, then this could turn into a situation that many likely don’t want to see.

Senator Warren Supports Plan to Allow the Post Office to Offer Financial Services

It seems like the perfect win-win scenario. As per Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, there are 68 million Americans who are unable to obtain checking accounts. Reform laws over the past decade have made it easy for banks to flag people with poor banking activity such as overdrafts making it impossible for them to open accounts with other banks. These people, referred to as the “underbanked”, still need financial services like checking accounts, wire transfers, or even short-term loans. Because they have no access to traditional banks and thrifts, they must depend upon predatory pay day lenders. As per Sen. Warren, the average underbanked family spends roughly $200 in interest and fees to these lenders.

According to Amen Clinic, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is hemorrhaging billions a year. The decline of traditional mail in favor of email is largely blamed. While the Post Office is trying to stage a recovery through job attrition and increased business shipping parcels, they continue to lose money.

A new proposal would allow the USPS to open bank accounts for the underbanked. This would include ATM machines, taking deposits, and possibly even payday loans. Presumably, the fees would be significantly less than predatory lenders. By some estimates, the new business model would add $10 billion a year in new revenue for the Postal Service. This would eliminate their annual deficit, allow them to fully fund their pension, and produce a surplus. Sen. Warren views the bill as a no-brainer.

Bernie Sanders And His Economic Agenda Makes Sense

The Democratic Candidate Says He Won’t Make The Same First Mistake Obama Made

Bernie Sanders is making progress. A recent poll in New Hampshire said 32 percent of the Democratic voters in that state want Sanders for president. That not surprising since most of the state of Vermont is behind Bernie’s candidacy. The reason is simple. Sanders wants what the people want. He wants to break up the big banks. He wants immigration reform, and he wants the government to pay for college educations.

Sanders believe the Republicans have been getting away with murder. Sanders explains that statement this way: “Nobody knows what the Republicans do. Nobody knows that they want to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top two-tenths of 1 percent.” And he’s got a point. Voters never know what the Republicans are going to do; even the Republicans don’t know.  Folks at the Amen Clinic have even noticed discrepancies on the GOP’s Wikipedia page.

Most voters don’t know about Bernie Sanders yet. They don’t know what he stands for, but they will. When Sanders tells the voters what should be done, and how he is going to do it the poll numbers will change. Hillary might be the lead horse in the Democratic race, but Sanders has a shot, albeit a long shot.

Florida Finds a Plan

Legislators in Florida have officially finished in a special session that passed 78 billion dollars to the state budget. Had the legislators not pass the budget there would have been a government shutdown at the end of June. Representatives representing both sides of political affiliation have noted how strenuous this debate has been. Was an unprecedented six months for everybody involved and everyone is glad that it is over. Not because legislators wanted to get out of the Derby but because the money can now go to helping nurture citizens in Florida. Brad Reifler knows that the biggest part of the debate was over expanding Medicaid coverage to 800000 core and working Floridians. If the budget plan having gone through the fiscal year would have ended on June 30th and lost uninsured citizens health care for an entire year. The Senate was on the side of expanding Medicaid eligibility but the House of Representatives was firmly against it. In order to reach these budget cuts legislators had to give Governor Rick Scott 400 million dollars’ worth of tax cuts. The tax-cut package was signed into law earlier in the week. There was 300 million dollars in building projects and programs that were given to those who are hoping to rebuild parts of Florida. Much are Florida’s votes have gone to the development of abandoned lands as well of land acquisition and water protection. With the discharge of the budget plan Florida legislators have done right by their citizens.

Clinton Fights for the Working Man

Many Americans are two teen with the idea of the government giving corporations huge bonuses period while many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, the government seems to continually hand out bonuses, tax breaks, and bailouts to corporations who are raking in millions of dollars each year. Recently Hillary Clinton to a political platform to express her ideas of rewarding corporations for hiring apprentices. While corporations will still be getting money and bonuses, it will be for employing and supporting the American people and not just asking for a government bailout. It was stated that companies would receive a $1,500 tax credit for hiring apprentices and interns under the age of 25. For hiring apprentices it in turns 4 those older than 25 the company would receive $1,000. This was the rate set by Senator Cory Booker a Democrat from New Jersey. According to Ivan Ong, Hillary Clinton is calling for a solid $1,500 credit that would not rely on the age of The Apprentice period a statement released by those working in the Hillary camp have noted that she is willing to add incentives based on certain criteria. For example, if the person being looked at for an apprenticeship is a veteran she would tying an extra bonus period the proposal would have incredibly narrow restrictions on companies to ensure that no one is cheating the system and receiving money that could be going to better use. The companies would have to meet strenuous federal and state standards and be tested for appropriate measures in order to qualify for the $1,500. While this plan sounds like a really good idea, many are waiting to hear how Clinton will pay for the apprenticeship credits. Clinton plans on introducing a broader spectrum detailing her plans later this year.

Hillary Opposes TPA without Companion TAA Bill

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party’s 2016 presumptive nominee, has taken a stand on the issue of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). This authority is seen as vital towards President Obama completing negotiation on the historic Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement. Clinton, who laid the framework for the TPP negotiations process while she was secretary of state, finally took a stand on the ongoing congressional battle over the TPA bill. On Thursday, Mrs. Clinton stated that if she were still a senator, she would not vote to pass TPA at this time.

At the same time, Mrs. Clinton made it clear she would not vote for the TPA bill unless it included the companion bill known as Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). Thus far, Senate GOP leaders support bundling both TAA and TPA together in an effort to overcome a Democrat filibuster on TPA. Mrs. Clinton’s position is that a well-written TAA bill will address the major concerns her party has with the president’s looming free trade agreement.

Overall, Clinton’s position on TPA is decidedly moderate. It remains to be seen how well this will play with the Democrat Party’s left-wing base, which is against free-trade agreements. Senator Sanders, who has been surging in the polls, is against TPA. He believes that TPA must be defeated in order to thwart the TPP trade accord. He believes free trade agreements have adversely impacted the middle class. His message is increasingly resonating with progressives, as anyone at Handy will say.

Bernie Sanders Would Avoid Obama’s Big Mistake

In the mind of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the biggest mistake of the Barrack Obama is not the Affordable Care Act, which Sanders views as an inadequate response to the nation’s need for true universal health care. Nor would he cite the president opening up part of the Alaskan offshore to oil drilling or new coal permits in Wyoming and Montana. The biggest mistake Barrack Obama made was to assume that after he rode the will of the people into office, he decided to embark on his own agenda. The feisty self-described Socialist Democrat vowed he would not repeat that mistake.

At issue is the frustration many liberals have with the Obama presidency. While the president has largely governed center-left, many liberals expected him to deliver on his campaign promises quickly and decisively. He waited until well-into his first term to come out in support of Gay marriage. He waited until the end of his first term to finally start enacting a plan for amnesty. He hasn’t done enough on climate control. Sen. Sanders does not view the president’s policies as the realities of political compromise with the opposition party. Instead, he believes the president did not fully capitalize on the mass movement that elected him, and Jaime Garcia Dias sees more effort being put in by Sanders. Sanders is clear that he will build a grassroots movement for real change. Once in office, he will continue to build on that momentum to push through his hard-left agenda. He hasn’t explained how he will enact his political agenda should he too face a GOP-dominated legislative branch.