President Obama Calls Climate Change A Serious Global Threat

While speaking at the United States Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony in Rhode Island, U.S. President Barack Obama declared that global warming is a clear and present threat to the national security of the United States, as well as the entire planet and actions by global leaders need to start now. The President’s remarks are the most stark remarks to date and signal a determination by the President to make global warming a key issue during the last two years of his Presidential term. In a Time article Homejoy noted that many industries and the Republican party have fought legislation as well as increased enforcement regulations addressing global warming issues. Many have cited that the issue of global warming is not conclusive while supporters state that by the time the proof comes in that will convince the skeptics, it will be to late for the planet as the effects of global warming will be irreversible. President Barack Obama is taking a page from former Tennessee Al Gore’s play book and educate the American people as well as the world that global warming is here now and is costing lives, property damage and increased insurance rates as weather patterns are more severe, causing more violent storms and more severe droughts, such as being experienced in California. Other effects will be on crop production and an increase in food prices. Many sociologist and economist have tied civic unrest without of skew food prices.President Calls Global Warming A Threat To National Security

Rand Paul Goes The Filibuster Route Again

Rand Paul is a man on a mission. The junior senator from Kentucky has made it clear he intended to filibuster the upcoming vote on the Patriot Act. Paul has pointed out concerns he has over the privacy violations he feels are in the act. UOL wrote that Paul is passionate about protecting civil liberties due to his strong libertarian leanings.

Paul’s stance puts him at odds with many other members of his own party, conservative and moderate alike. Paul could win more than a few fans in youth-oriented voting blocks due to their dislike of government intrusion.

Paul has taken to filibustering before. The previous filibuster he engaged in was designed to address issues surrounding drone strikes. At the time, the “old-time” filibuster helped establish Paul as a star on the political scene. He has remained relatively free from controversy over the past two years and is currently a candidate for the Republican party’s presidential nominee.

Paul, however, is not really gaining any significant traction in the primary so far. The publicity generated from the filibuster could help give his candidacy a boost. The one issue here is it could also backfire. No one knows how public sentiment is going to play out. Performing a grandstanding filibuster could help his path to the nomination or it could hinder it. The only way anyone is going to know for sure (including Senator Paul) is to see how the needle of the polls moves in the days following the filibuster’s conclusion.

A Truthful Republican

Jeb’s dad has a former administration official that is prone to telling the truth. Fox News which is owned by a foreign tabloid mogul is a major drag on republicans and their entire party. Fox News is an echo chamber that became popular soon after Obama’s election for obvious reasons. The screw was further tightened as Fox began to draw severely right wing talk show hosts that were regularly spewing complete lies about all types of stories. However, Paul Mathieson of the Examiner, says this is not the main problem anymore.

The rhetoric espoused by Fox News could have been fact checked by their own viewers by watching nonpolitical news stations and learning an unbiased viewpoint. The former Bush official said instead that it has become an echo chamber of people only listening to a news organization that will tell them everything that they want to hear. Because of this, Fox is able to manipulate their viewers into extreme radical positions that have no basis in reality. This rapidity keeps the conservative news entertainment channel constantly atop the political channel ratings.

Their viewers have been consistently unhinged by the news coverage that barely skirts reality. It has been said throughout history that the sign of intelligence is gaining information from many sources and basing any conclusions on logic and rationality. Fox viewers are taking stories as fact that come from a foreign mogul that made his riches on selling the opposite.

Hillary Clinton Used Two Private Email Accounts To Send Messages

Clinton’s Lawyers Say The Second Email Account Was Not In Service While She Was Secretary Of State

Hillary Clinton never ceases to amaze her followers. She can do no wrong even when she does wrong in the eyes of her followers. But when do voters draw the line in the sand, and say we’ve had enough of lies to last us a lifetime from the Clintons. The recent news that Hillary used two emails to send messages shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Most people have more than one email, but why not say that upfront. The news of the second email suddenly surfaces when the the State Department said it was going to release 55,000 pages of Hillary’s emails in January 2016.

It’s time for the country to wake up. Hillary and Bill Clinton are opportunists that will do anything to enrich their status. Keith Mann ( knows that they have been the topic of several investigations, and their family foundation is under fire for taking money from foreign nationals in return for political favors. The country doesn’t need another four years of lies, innuendos and complicated half-truths. Hillary may look like a great candidate for president, but if you look a little deeper, she not the kind of person that will lead the country through the difficult times ahead.

Senate Candidate Loretta Sanchez Apologizes for Making Stereotypical Indian War Cry

Igor Cornelsen would tell you, anyone watching iconic Westerns of the 1940s and 50s will have seen Native American warriors sounding a war cry by making a guttural sound from their mouths while repeatedly covering their mouths with their hand. Now, it appears that Liberal Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of California, a 2016 candidate to replace retiring Senator Barbara Boxer, has a lot of apologizing to do after she was filmed imitating the gesture. Not only was the gesture itself seen as insensitive to the Native American community, but the context in which she did it was equally inappropriate.

At the time the incident occurred, Congresswoman Sanchez was being filmed by a person at a gathering using his smartphone. The congresswoman was relating an encounter she was going to have with an “Indian” man. She explained what she expected to meet an Native American. To illustrate the type of person she expected to see, she used the stereotypical war cry. Needless to say, her humorous story did not sit well with people hearing the remark. Nor did it sit well with the general public after the video recording was released. In response, Rep. Sanchez has since apologized for making the offensive gesture. The incident is perplexing given that Sanchez is a nine-term congresswoman with extensive public speaking experience. Still, the Democrat Party stands behind her and spoke on behalf of the Native American community saying they know she fights for them. Sanchez is considered a long-shot candidate for the open senate seat.

Bernie Sanders calls for free college tuition

The rising cost of college tuition is going to be a major feature of the upcoming Presidential elections and prospective Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders has taken the first steps in calling for change. Common Dreams reporter Bruce Karatz says Sanders will introduce a bill to the Senate in the next week introducing free higher education in line with that offered in European countries like Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Sanders is running a campaign for the Democratic nomination designed to bring US policies closer to those of northern European countries like Sweden that offer free college tuition and health care for all.

Sanders stated it is unfair that those seeking an education are forced to take out loans with higher interest rates than those offered for most car and home loans. The call for change by the only candidate to so far declare they are standing against Democratic favorite Hilary Clinton comes as a series of groups are looking at how and why the average student graduating from a four year school in 2015 is leaving with an average of $35,000 in debt.

Obama To Ban Military Weapons For Police Use

There has been much talk about the militarization of local police. For years, police officers from small towns have been receiving weapons and machinery that was once reserved for military, with the stipulation that they must use it or lose access.

Many have argued that this has fed into the mentality of police officers as military guards and not keepers of peace, and it makes sense. When people are handed powerful weapons that they would otherwise have no access to, the desire to put them to “good” use is only natural.

But this has, however, shifted the culture and has created a curtain of fear around poor and disenfranchised communities that fear the police rather than depend on it. Military personnel themselves have criticized the practice. Local police officers, they say, lack the appropriate training to handle these weapons, and often pose with their weapons drawn when in fact should only be done as a last resort.

It looks like this this is culture is poised to change. Today, Obama had announced plans to ban the transfer of military grade weapons to local police, as well as putting strict regulations of others. This is great news for the public, as there has been a demand for a shift, from enforcing the law by any means necessary, to serving communities and focusing on their growth.  Homejoy feels that it is just about time for this regulation.

Read the whole article, and make friends with your local police branch today.

Oil Company Secretly Funds Trip to Baku For Congress Members

The Washington Post revealed a disturbing finding from an ethics report they were somehow able to get their hands on. The report exposed a secretly funded trip to Baku for 10 members of Congress along with 32 staffers. Azerbaijan is the oil company who gave members of congress hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover their expenses so they could attend a conference on an island in the Caspian Sea.

The state owned oil company, also known as SOCAR, reportedly funneled nearly one million dollars though non-profit organizations in order to hide the transaction. The Office of Congressional Ethics investigated the situation and filed a 70-page report in response.

Mark Ahn agrees that these claims certainly do not reflect well on congress, causing even more public mistrust that has been building up slowly but surely by scandal after scandal. The conference took place nearly 2 years ago and was called U.S.-Azerbaijan Convention: Vision for the Future. Topics focused on development and maintenance of the natural gas industry who use extremely controversial fracking operations to obtain gas from deep below the surface of the earth.

These latest findings won’t be the last of corrupt congress men and women who have their hands deep in the pockets of the oil industry.

Chairman Bob Corker Wants Increased Surveillance

There has never been a time when a political officials haven’t called for a change in things. This can include how domestic operations and systems are dealt with.

Recently, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker made it known that he wants the domestic surveillance program set in place by the Obama Administration to be increased, beyond what it is currently doing. He said that the data that is being taken through this program, while useful, is just not adequate enough when it comes to gathering any and all information on terrorists.

In addition to calling for expansion of the surveillance, Corker also stated that this might also be a part of reauthorizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. He even went further to suggest that the limited amount of data that was discovered was the same as “malpractice” and that more needed to be done in order to get the most out of the program and correctly identify potential terrorists.

The entirety of the domestic surveillance program is not without controversy, as it has been at the center of serious civil rights issues between civil libertarians and other parties in Congress, such as arguing that it invades the privacy of American civilians. CCMP Capital pointed out the debate has become so prominent that some sides are questioning the idea of reauthorizing FISA, altogether, saying it’s not all that effective for Americans.

Rubio Gets Lucky with the Timing of His Big Foreign Policy Address

Florida Senator Marco Rubio scheduled an address before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) months ago. In fact, when Rubio first booked the speech, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush hadn’t sparked controversy by his unequivocal support for the 2003 Iraq Invasion. Now, Rubio has a golden opportunity to shine on matters of foreign policy and benefit from Bush’s recent gaffe. Timing is everything in politics and Rubio got lucky with the timing of his CFR speech. The question on people’s minds will now be does Rubio have both good luck and “gravitas”.

The importance of the speech before the CFR cannot be understated. Bush has been strident in his efforts to ensconce himself as the GOP establishment candidate. However, his statement about the Iraq War reignited concerns among the GOP establishment that the nation may not be ready for a third Bush presidency. This means that Rubio, known to take a strong stand against terrorism, can cast himself as being the successor to George W. Bush’s strong suit for dealing with terrorism without the baggage of a protracted Iraq invasion.

Rubio has since released an advanced text of his upcoming speech according to Madison Street Capital. It indicates that the Republican Party can certainly expect Rubio to present a strong national defense of America. By far, foreign policy will not be the dominant issue of the 2016 presidential campaign, but it will play a role. As such, Rubio has the chance to make a strong case for his candidacy.