Facts You Probably Do Not Know About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is among the few individuals who love computing and have made successful careers out of it. He is a well-known American businessman, philanthropist and writer based in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey and fell in love with programming computers while he was still in fourth grade. His love for computers went in sync with his love for business and by the time he was in high school, he made a debut in the business world by starting a database company.

In 1884, he began his university studies at Harvard where he majored in English and American literature. He also involved himself in working for The Harvard Crimson as a writer and editor. His love for computing was not forgotten when he was at Harvard; he enrolled at MIT and graduated with a magna cum laude in 1988. This achievement proved to be a very stable footing for his later successful entrepreneurship in technology. In 1991, he relocated to Los Angeles where he established People Doing Things (PDT) which was a company that addressed problems in education, healthcare, and other issues through the use of technology.

In 1994, he formed Digital Evolution which later merged with US Interactive LLC in the year 1998. Pulier was also involved in building Starbright World that is a phenomenal private social network for children suffering from chronic illnesses. The platform makes is it possible for the children to chat, interact, blog, meet others who have similar problems and most of all, encourage one another.

His efforts in providing social solutions did not go unnoticed and in 1997, he was selected to spearhead the Presidential Inaugural Committee that created and executed the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, DC. The event was very successful and attracted a lot of attention, and it made him get selected again to participate in the then-Vice President’s healthcare and technology forum that advised on technology and healthcare initiatives.

His companies have got funding from the world’s best-known venture capital groups. Pulier was also named one of the e-Visionaries by VAR business and is a well known public speaker at top notch technology conferences around the globe. He is also a member of the Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative and is philanthropic towards initiatives that seek to come up with solutions facing society by use of technology. Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

He sits on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation that is an organization that organizes competitions to come up with solutions to mankind’s problems. His successful track record is no doubt as a result of hard work and sacrifice. He is an exemplary example of an individual who has succeeded and uses his position in society to help others as well.

Not On His Watch? Lionel Messi’s Controversal Trip to Gabon

The media has been flooded with stories of horrible human rights violations around the globe. This has unfortunately created a high degree of apathy concerning these atrocities. However, celebrities can change this by bringing our attention to the global struggle for human rights. Yet sometimes this attention can bring negative focus on the celebrity. Kind of like the time that Dennis Rodman visited and chummed around with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. More recently I read an article in The Telegraph which is a perfect example of this. It concerned Argentinean football star Lionel Messi’s recent trip to Gabon.

The occasion for Messi’s visit to Gabon was the building of the Port-Gentil stadium which will host the 2017 African Cup of Nations tournament. According to the article the Gabonese government paid Messi a handsome sum of money for his trip. While in country Messi also toured around with president Ali Bongo. While this may seem innocent enough upon first inspection, the visit contradicts with Messi charitable work with children and his role at UNICEF. The reason being that Gabon is currently the center of rampant complaints of ritualistic child murder and organ harvesting.

The main source of crticism against Messi, Gabon, and president Bongo is the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is a non partisan group that works internationally to promote human rights. Its main focus is countries like Gabon that are isolated from the world by its dictator, like president Ali Bongo. Since its foundation in 2005 the Human Rights Foundation has worked on all levels of society to accomplish its mission. From politicians to the general public this group has used public events, films, lecture series, and other education events to shed light on the horrible conditions people in these countries face. Creating free socities and promoting freedom are the main tennets of the organization.

The article explains that Gabon has systematically ignored complaints of child abuse within its borders. There many reports that Gabon society’s elite participate in ritualistic killings and canabalism. Furthermore, there are reports that the government has refuse to act on reports of missing and murdered children. These children, according to the Human Rights Foundation,are mudered for the soul purpose of harvesting their organs for ritual purposes. The government of Gabon did have something to say about the controversy surrounding Messi’s visit. It denied ever paying the world famous athlete for this tour. It also had much to say about the casual dress and mannerism of the Lionel Messi during his time in Gabon. For a further look you can access the article online via the following link, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/babb/11780380/Lionel-Messi-criticised-by-Human-Rights-Foundation-for-Gabon-trip.html.

Facts About Newark Community Economic Development Corporation And Its C.F.O Kevin Seawright

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was established in 2007. This company is the only economic development bridge for the State of Newark that is New Jersey’s largest city. It is tailored to grow and attract businesses, retain and improve growing small companies that are owned by minority groups. The company’s primary focus is on real estate, and it plans to initiate development projects through the cities different and diverse neighborhoods. Because this company only has the City of Newark as its single client, it follows the clients directions in making sure that their development agendas promote and sustain economic growth, create wealth and make better job opportunities for the people of Newark.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was initially named The Brick City Development Corporation. The corporation’s offices were also moved from 744 Broad Street to 111 Mulberry Street. This move alone saved the company $250,000. Just a few weeks after the renaming, the corporation got a team of new board members. The initial team had eleven members while the new team has only nine. The new board does not have a city official and this therefore ensures that the corporation remains independent. The changes were aimed at making operations better, keeping in mind that a total of $3.4 million of the $10.6 million in loans was written off as not collectible.

The corporation also got Kevin Seawright on its team. Currently, as the Chief Financial Officer, he is well known for his ability to visualize and command new opportunities. For not less than 13 years, he has used his financial understanding and expertise to benefit communities in the East Coast. He has all the needed qualities to make any business or corporation move forward. In his career, he has been able to formulate business strategies that have built better accounting and finance decisions.

When he was the Managing Fiscal Officer at the Commission on Aging and Retirement at Baltimore, he designed and helped implement an accounting system that was very instrumental in saving the agency more than $100,000 in funds. After that, he was made the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore prior to assuming the Finance Director portfolio at the Homeless Services Division. Seawright has also worked for the Tito Contractors in New York as a Finance Director, and that is where he got his experience in real estate and business development.

Success of Citadel under the Leadership of Kenneth Griffin

The success of any business depends on the expertise and foresight provided by its stewards. Market competition has seen the emergence of new ventures that seeks to address the various problems facing the consumers. Citadel LLC is a global institution that deals with asset and investment management. It was found in 1990 by Kenneth Griffin. Over its existence, the company has managed to establish two lines of business. Citadel securities engage in trade of various products like equity options, equities and swaps on interest rates. The firm engages both retail and institutional clients. Citadel serves as an alternative asset manager having over $26 billion in assets under its management. Businesses affiliated with Citadel are leaders in their respective fields around the globe.
With its existence spanning over 20 years, Citadel is one of the few hedge funds companies that boasts of that record. The company has registered remarkable success over its existence, thus attracting many clients around the globe. Institutional investors for the company include pensions, university endowments and sovereign wealth funds. Currently, Citadel has hired the services of over 1400 employees some of who work at their offices headquarters that are located in Chicago while others work in the company’s offices dispersed across different continents.
Through Citadel technology, the firm has managed to offer its clients with investment management technologies that are developed by Citadel employees. In 2014, Citadel went into history books as the pioneer foreign hedge fund company to complete a yuan fundraising with the view to allowing investors from China to invest in hedge funds of foreign nations. The company has hired competent managers to run its product and service portfolios. For instance, Jamil Nazarali, who was named in 2014 by institutional investors as the Trading Technology 40, heads Citadel Securities. The company has been focusing in creating positive solutions to different client problems like provision of derivatives such as interest rate swaps.
Kenneth Griffin is the chief executive officer and founder of Citadel. The Harvard educated graduate has been actively involved in educational causes that seeks to augment community improvement. Owing to his educational focus, he has managed to be appointed on the Chicago Public Education Fund’s Board of Directors. His massive experience in the entrepreneurial sphere has seen him become a member of diverse organizations such as the G100.
Griffin is an American fund manager who was born in 1968. His involvement in education activities saw him make a donation of a whooping $150 million to the prestigious Harvard University. It is estimated that his donations to various organizations have amounted to around $500 million. The economics graduate started Citadel while still a student at the Harvard University. At the dormitory of the school, he was able to install a satellite cable that enabled him to get real-time data regarding market stocks. While starting out, he ventured on convertible bond arbitrage and was successful in enlisting his friends and family members, including his grandmother, for the capitalization of the initial fund. His investment strategy was quite instrumental in safeguarding client’s investments during the recent financial crisis.

James Dondero: The Man Behind Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is the leading provider of alternative global credit products. Started in 1990 by business partners James Dondero on nexpointadvisers.com and Mark Okida, the company is considered a pioneer in changing the way credit is managed at corporations. Highland was first launched as Ranger Asset Management; the name changed to Highland in 1997. Highland has helped with the management of thousands of banking loans and protective life insurance.

As an alternative investment firm, the company handles hedge funds, structured and distressed funds. Highland has had many milestones over the years. It is the first company that launched a non-bank CLO. Highland has continued to expand over the years and provides new strategies and objectives for endowments, foundations and corporations. Highland puts its money where its mouth is. The company is famous for taking the same risks as the client. What the client invests, Highland also shares the burden.

Co-founder Jim Dondero is one of the foremost financial managers in the U.S. His ideas and pioneering efforts has helped the company create many award-winning products and services. A native of Virginia, Dondero got his start there at the University of Virginia. He immediately went on after graduation to provide services at Morgan Guaranty. After a stint with American Express, he created his own company.

Dondero sits on a number of boards and is chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare. His is known for his philanthropic efforts and has given much time and money to a number of veterans organizations and educational initiatives. As of 2015, Highland Capital has nearly $18 billion in marketing assets. Dondero is passionate about his work. Providing a company a means for success and offering a number of alternatives if they are not is his goal.

Highland Capital’s main office is located in Dallas, TX. There are global offices in New York City, Singapore, Seoul and San Paulo. Over 180 people are employed at these offices. As the company continues to expand and grow, more offices are slated to open in other parts of the world. The company also runs successful sister company, Highland Capital Partners. The company handles $3 billion in global investment capital.

Highland Capital Management: The Best Alternative Credit Managers

Highland Capital Management, together with their affiliates, is managing approximately $ 19 billion of assets. The firm is one of the most customer-focused, experienced, and accessible global alternative credit managers. Founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and Jim Dondero on nexpointadvisers, the SEC-registered investment adviser has developed products that include high yield bonds, public and private equities, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and natural resources and structured products. Highland has offices in New York, Seoul, Texas, and Singapore.

Mark Okada is not only one of the firm’s co-founders but also their chief investment officer. Mark oversees the investment activities of the Dallas-headquartered investment adviser for their various strategies. He is also the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund’s manager that recently received the Lipper Fund Award for excellent performance in each of the past two years. Mark, like his counterpart Dondero, is widely considered as a pioneer in the development of bank loans due to his valued contribution in the investment sector and extensive credit and alternatives experience. This renowned investor has been handy in the development of Highland Capital Management’s bank loans separate account and mutual fund platforms and is responsible for structuring one of the first arbitrage CLOs in the industry. He is regularly featured on Fox Business Opening Bell and CNBC Squawk Box, among other media platforms. Mark has also been named CNBC “Squawk Master”. He is a member of many boards, including the Board of Directors for Education is Freedom and the Grow South Fund Advisory Board. Mark is also the Board of Directors of Common Grace Ministries, Inc.’s Chairman and the Director of NextBank.

Being a Co-Founder of Highland, James Dondero has also been instrumental in the growth and development of the firm. He is the president of the investment firm. Dondero lives in Dallas, Texas. He currently oversees the firm’s strategies and operations for institutional and retail products. The president’s experience in credit markets spans over 30 years, and he is one of the pioneers of the Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO). He was Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary’s Chief Investment Officer prior to founding Highland. Within a span of five years, he grew the business from concept to two billion dollars. Before moving to Protective Life, Dondero worked for American Express, where he managed over one billion dollars for the firm. James Dondero is the current Chairman of the Board of NextBank, CCS Medical Corporation, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of American Banknote and MGM Studios.

When looking for the right investment firm, one should be sure to pick a firm that is experienced, founded on the right investment principles, and offers a wide variety of quality products. Highland Capital Management prides them for having the best talent in the industry, offering the best products, and being globally rooted.

Brian Bonar Leads The Push Into Professional Employer Organizations

A CEO is tasked with keeping a company moving in the right direction. That means more profits and revenues. Companies that see a decline in sales are not going to last long. Business is way too competitive to allow your company to slip. That’s why an executive like Brian Bonar is such a big asset for a firm. He’s leading Imaging Technologies into a whole new direction. The company recently acquired SourceOne Group, a professional employee organization (PEO) firm as Imaging Technologies continues to expand in that area.

Under Bonar’s leadership, Imaging Technologies has acquired smaller companies that are already in the PEO sector and who already have active customer bases. Many businesses hire PEOs simply because the task related to running their own payroll and human resources departments are simply too onerous. The paperwork requirements are heavy and the need to stay compliant is ever present. Outsourcing those tasks to a PEO can help those firms save money while becoming more operationally effective. That’s the selling point that has been used to sign these companies up for service. SourceOne Group has an experienced staff of PEO sales people who have since been integrated at ITEC. This will allow the parent company to further push into this important growth vertical as they seek to expand revenues.

Bonar has chosen the PEO sector because it fits well with ITEC’s current product and service offerings. The integrated company is in a unique position to sell services to customers that run the gamut from payroll through printing. Their target customers are primarily small to medium-sized firms that are under-represented in those sectors. Outsourcing is a way for these companies to grow rapidly while maintaining positive cash flow. In today’s competitive financial environment, it’s important that management keeps a close eye on cash flow but doesn’t give up the dream of exponential growth. Bonar understands the right way to go after growth in a way that takes a holistic approach. Instead of spreading ITEC too thin, the company is strengthening up its core areas so they’re better prepared to service customer accounts.


The PEO sector shows no signs of slowing down. Human resources and payroll remain complex subjects that are beyond the grasp of most small business people. They are better off outsourcing the work to professionals who work on it for a living. This is not the type of thing you can safely dabble in because fines are very heavy for non-compliance. Any business can be run aground by a judgement if they’re not accurate with their statements. Brian Bonar said he plans to keep ITEC moving in the current direction they’re heading in. That means more acquisitions are likely on tap for the coming months.

Christian Broda sees the future of the dollar is bright

The collapse of the global financial markets in 2008 prompted much soul searching and the apportioning of blame from many different countries in the world. The major decision made after the collapse had been analyzed was that the US dollar was the main cause of the problems the world was now facing and should be replaced with another currency for global investments. Amongst the ideas floated was the introduction of a single global currency resembling the Euro used across the European Union, the problems in Greece over recent years have shown how a single currency can cause more problems than it solves.

Only a small number of academics and investment specialists stood firm in their belief the US dollar would remain the dominant currency in the world long after the global financial crisis of 2008 was gone. Economist and investment specialist Christian Broda went on record as far back as 2009 to state his belief that economy of the world would bounce back and the dollar would remain the currency of global trade. Broda is one of the top investment specialists on Wall Street and has managed to continue to be so as he completes a large amount of research and academic work. The reputation of Christian Broda has seen him offered a tenured position at the University of Chicago and seen him work for some of the leading companies on Wall Street, including Lehman Brothers. Now a Managing Director of Duquense Capital Management, Broda is continuing to lead in different areas of the economics industry and produce important research for the good of the entire world.

Over the course of recent years the opinions of Christian Broda and fellow author David Weinstein have been proven to be correct. The US has remained the dominant force in the global financial industry, which has allowed the level of debt to rise in the country and see the US find more power than ever before. For an expert in finance like Christian Broda the next round of predictions are proving much harder to complete, which is largely because of the larger than ever recorded levels of debt the US has taken on. One fact Broda agrees upon with many is that the single currency of global trade does change on a regular basis, but predicting when the US dollar will be usurped is proving more difficult than ever before.

Dan Newlin: Attorney and Philanthropist

Mr. Dan Newlin is a well-known personal injury attorney based in Florida. To date, he has recovered over $150 million for his clients. Mr. Newlin and his office focus primarily on accident and injury cases, such as auto accidents, DUIs, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. He and his firm received the recognition of Super Lawyer Law Firm from the Super Lawyers rating service, which less than 5% of all Florida attorneys and Florida firms ever receive.

Mr. Newlin’s practice is so successful, it was recently expanded to Chicago, to serve even more injured clients.

While Dan Newlin, written about by ClickOrlando.com, has emerged victorious in a number of publicized cases, his most impressive win was a record setting $100 million verdict for a brain-damaged teen and her family.

In 2012, the teen was riding in the back of her family’s truck when a stray bullet from a gun fired by a gang member hit her in the head. The gang member was fleeing the scene of a home invasion and shooting at the homeowner. This is when the bullet was fired into the teenager’s brain. The teenager remains paralyzed to this day and is only able to communicate by blinking her eyes. The damages award is meant to cover the emotional distress experienced by the teen’s mother, the teen’s pain and emotional distress, as well as past and future medical costs.

In addition to practicing law, Mr. Newlin is also respected for his charitable work. Recently, thanks to the Dan Newlin Miracle Project, several children who are battling cancer were able to meet world champion boxer Evander Holyfield. Newlin explained how giving the children the opportunity to meet the boxer was to give them hope and inspire them to not give up in their fight against cancer. Newlin’s mission with his charity is to help children who are going through a difficult time and he will continue to pursue opportunities to do just that.

Forecasting Economic Changes Helps All

While we may not consider it, our world benefits greatly due to the economist as their findings guide and advise various businesses as to which policies may work and which may not. These forecasters have an education in this social science that includes studying the tax rates, employee wages and many other economic problems that can arise. Skilled in thinking critically and logically in order to rectify problems, they can identify general human behaviors in the workplace, distribution, utilization and basic operations within many businesses.

The main goals of an economist are to make positive changes in the day to day lives of individuals. Their long hours of research stemming from analyzing, calculations and measuring can have long term effects on virtually everything people do. Using ideologies and theories regarding existing trends, an economist studies the economy as one unit. An economist may find work in the field of international trade, public labor, or even governmental organizations whose focus is on monetary policy. Just a few of the duties of an economist include studying the growth of an economy, interest rate fluctuations and trends in unemployment. For example a business may report the earning of profits during a particular time however this welcome return could have stemmed from this same company reducing wages or cutting employee benefits due to economic forecasts. Employed individuals can also be impacted and those hoping to retire in a certain number of years may encounter changes based on economic facts. Data found can change decisions that can affect a company’s pricing and profit expansion.

Christian Broda knows all too well about using one’s multifaceted skills and analytical frame of mind to comprehend economic forecasts, issues and make suggestions. This New York financial professional and economist has been on board with Duquesne Capital Management as their Managing Director. His background includes analyzation, research, teaching and writing about a vast topic of regional and financial subjects. Previously, Broda was a Professor of Economics with the University of Chicago and he held the position of Head of International Research for Barclays Capital.

With a wealth of books and articles published on trade and finance, Christian Broda’s work has been featured in the press, as well as the Quarterly Journal of Economics and the esteemed Economic Review. Among his newspaper articles are the 2006 “Buying Strawberries in Winter” from the weekly The Economist and the New York Times “Is Variety the Spice of Life?” Broda holds memberships with such organizations as the American Economic Association. As you can see, Broda’s responsibilities are sharing his information through lectures and publications to help benefit others.

An extensive amount of leaders and companies depend upon the principals and concepts of economics to be assist them with their future ventures. Without the use of economists, many businesses like private companies to the federal government could struggle to determine how different economic circumstances will affect them. By using their unique methods, economists help everyday people to understand our intricate environment.

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