How Did Joseph Bismark Become A Successful Leader


While browsing online, I came across this beautiful article about Joseph Bismark on Left Handed Right Mind Blog. What caught my attention on this blog post is Bismark’s unique journey and special approach to health and wellness. Joseph Bismark is a leader, philosopher and spiritual guru. He plays an important role as a leader for the QNet, an internationally renowned direct sales company. After becoming the co-founder of Qi Limited, he served as a managing director for many years in the Qi Group. His career as a managing director was quite successful with a clear and concise business philosophy. 

As a dynamic entrepreneur, Joseph Bismark always took a positive approach to improve and introduce innovative techniques in direct sales. While reading the article, I found a paragraph about Bismark’s spiritual journey as well. According to Susan Crasto, Bismark spent many years in Philippines by staying in a spiritual community. During his early life, he spent his time in an Ashram and learnt meditation techniques. Even today, Bismark leads a healthy life and promotes green lifestyle. 

Joseph Bismark works devotedly for his company and his foundation established by Qi Group. This foundation promotes healthy lifestyle and wellness. His spiritual background helped him to find new ways to introduce many educational and health product lines. After witnessing a positive outturn in the market, his company did experience an exponential growth in the last few years. What others believe is that Joseph Bismark’s unique approach, innovative ideas and dynamic personality are the key factors of his leadership skills and success.

Some of his newest ideas also include the usage of green energy at some of their facilities. Their Qi-Tower facility in Malaysia promotes paperless business practices. Similarly, the company’s Koh Samui based Prana Resort uses solar power as a main energy source. Each of these small approaches can actually make a big difference by helping the environment conservation drastically.

Tips for Finding a Financial Advisor

Considering the uncertainty in our current economy, many people have decided to hire a financial advisor. Sometimes knowing what to look for in an advisor can be as confusing as actually trying to navigate your finances. The following are four tips for finding the right financial advisor.

1. Understand the Different Types of Financial Advisors
The financial sector covers a broad area and knowing who to hire starts with understanding the different types of advisors and what they specialize in. Being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) requires passing a comprehensive board exam. A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is someone who would be able to personally manage your money. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is recommended for those who either own their own business or have an extremely high income.

2. Ask for a Sample Financial Plan
Before hiring an advisor ask to see a sample financial plan he or she has put together in the past. With a sample you can begin to get an idea of how the individual approaches financial planning and how detailed the plan may be. After reviewing the plan be sure to ask questions regarding anything you don’t understand.

3. Find out Their Approach for Dealing with Clients
After holding an initial meeting, some advisors only meet with their clients once a year while others may meet quarterly. Find out ahead of time how the advisor operates and decide which approach you’re more comfortable with. It’s also important to ask if you’ll be dealing directly with the advisor or an assistant. Some companies promote a team approach when working with their clients.

4. Did the Advisor Ask You the Right Questions?
You can tell a lot about a financial advisor by the types of questions that you’re asked during the initial meeting. They should always ask about your health. This is important because it’s crucial to have a financial plan in order in case there are medical expenses or you’re unable to work in the near future. The second question a good advisor will ask is about any debt you may have.

Before choosing a financial advisor it’s recommended to interview several people. Keeping these tips in mind when choosing an advisor will make it easier to find the person who is right for you and your financial needs. If you’re uncomfortable with trusting your financial endeavors with a stranger, you could always keep up with the online tips from Igor Cornelsen to stay in the know.

Important Things To Know About Attorney Dan Newlin

Super lawyer is a high rating service of outstanding lawyers or law attorneys who have been in the field of law in more than seventy practice areas which are equivalent to ten years of practice and have rocked forty years of age. Super lawyers must have attained high-degree of professional achievement and peer recognition. To be of that level as Dan Newlin, you must have undergone a tough process of selection that also includes peer nominations, independent research and peer evaluations.

In a nutshell, Dan Newlin’s passion as a lawyer has always been in media posing good reputation. He has been termed as a man to emulate and to mound a community. Dan Newlin started anchoring in his call when he was at the age of thirteen when he was serving as Emergency Medical Technician in New Chicago, Indiana. Later on, he went ahead to become a police officer in the same city. After some few years battling with frost bite, Dan Newlin was awarded with merit to serve in the position of Deputy Sheriff. Dan Newlin was was thereafter attached to the Patrol Division, Tourist Policing Division and Fugitive Division to oversee.

While in these departments, Dan Newlin (Yahoo) came across a situation of accident which later on he was forced by heart of help to chip in and help the family that had been left to die without a single kick. The Insurance company and the owner of the car that had rendered that family into cold grave they had already declined to send an apology or to raise medical bill. He afterward went ahead for help to see if they can recover what they were about to lose. The justice and fairness had already been deprived from their hands but God is great that He used Dan Newlin to fight for justice on their behalf.

Right now, Dan Newlin has established a personal injury prominent firm with his Partners which has achieved a lot attributes in fighting for accident victims and injuries. They are also committed to help you recover everything you are entitled for whenever in accident as long as you promise to remain calm all through the process. For years this firm has been doing excellent and recently it recovered one hundred and fifty million dollars on the behalf of accident affected families. Dan Newlin has built a good reputation over years.

Accident issues require a champion and therefore if in need of legal affairs, Attorney Dan Newlin and his team of expert, they are ever committed to serve people. They never charge for consultation. In case you want to contact Dan Newlin, you can call directly through 407-888-8000 or send your email to

Curating Content on Wikipedia

Editing Wikipedia can be a satisfying and fulfilling hobby for those that are inclined toward information and academia. Being an open source encyclopedia, Wikipedia can be edited by anybody who has an account and adheres to the proper forms of editing. The guys at GetYourWiki put together below are a few key things to avoid when curating content as a Wikipedia writer.

Avoid personal topics.
Wikipedia sticks to a rigid standard of ‘worthiness’ when regarding what content can be allowed on the website. Many people mistakenly believe that Wikipedia is merely a compendium of ALL things, but it is not. Instead Wikipedia disallows their editors from adding personal topics to the content. This means that new editors should not write articles about friends, family, personal bands, made up stories, or anything of the like. Those that repeatedly break this rule will be banned from editing on the website.

Avoid non notable subjects.
Wikipedia has a policy of only allowing notable subjects to be entered into the encyclopedia. Notable topics have to meet a rigid list of standards that can be found within the Wikipedia Manual of Style. Articles that are deemed ‘not notable’ will be deleted with the press of a button from the website, which can cause some ruffled feathers among editors. So in order to verify whether content is notable enough, always adhere to the guidelines that Wikipedia pushes forward.

Avoiding advertising.
Wikipedia believes in maintaining a neutral point of view when it comes to the content on the encyclopedia. That neutral point of view (NPOV for short) can come into question when editors decide to start adding content for the sake of advertisement. Links to commercialized websites, mentions of specific companies and products, are out of bounds when editing content unless they truly belong within the article. Articles that have these advertisements will be redacted and edited.

Adhere to a neutral point of view.
The final and most important aspect of curating content on Wikipedia is that editors must maintain neutral interest on their articles. This does not mean that editors cannot be excited or passionate, only that they cannot allow that passion to supersede good judgement. Wikipedia succeeds because it is an unbiased source of information that focuses on content over the personalities of the various writers. So with that in mind do not take on content that cannot be written from a neutral perspective as it will likely be deleted.

Serta Latest Company to Fire Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been fired again, this time by the leading maker of mattresses Serta. In a growing list of unhappy companies, Serta has fired Donald Trump for disparaging remarks he made against Mexican immigrants earlier last month. Serta feels their company beliefs are not in line with Trump, and decided a separation would be in the best interest of everyone.

Serta sells Trump mattress for $1299 – $2999 at their retail stores, each manufactured in United States or Canada. Trump recently lost his deal with Macy’s after his racist remarks, claiming they made his ties in China and was about to break that deal anyway. Serta products are manufactured from the highest grade products, and will not renew their contract with the billionaire after he made claims the Mexican immigrants are killers and rapists. Serta does not share that belief, they value diversity in the workplace on community.

This has been an especially bad month for Trump. According to Lime crime on this website, NBC cancelled his Apprentice show and two beauty pageants. Macy’s has dropped the line of Trump clothing. Other companies are positioning themselves to put distance between the Donald and themselves, and Serta has begun the process to end the relationship as well. All of these bad business breakups can not be a good thing for someone who is currently in 2nd place in the race for the presidency next year. Trump has commented he stands behind his comments because they are fact.

Sanders campaign reaches new heights

Madison, Wisconsin could now be remembered as the location where Bernie Sanders brought socialism to mainstream politics in the US. According to Lime Crime, The Independent Senator from Vermont has recently been seeing a growth in his poll ratings in what seems to be a head to head battle with former Secretary of state and First Lady Hilary Clinton. Upon entering the race two months ago sanders was seen as something of an outsider, but has seen his populist policies lead to a surge in backing ahead of the Democratic Presidential nomination election.

CNN reports a crowd in excess of 10,000 attended Sanders latest rally in Wisconsin as the rhetoric against the distribution of wealth in the US leading to a growing divide between the wealthiest and middle classes in the US strikes a chord with voters. Sanders has seen his delivery of his standard message to voters bring increasing numbers of voters to his speeches and town hall meetings. In Madison, more than 10,000 were drawn to his appearance as his chances of achieving the impossible and overturning the lead of Clinton seems to have the favorite unnerved as Hilary staffers now refuse to mention the name of Sanders in her appearances.

Trump Hotels Hit By Hackers

Always one to grace a nearby camera with his presence, Andy Wirth has noticed the fact real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has attracted a bit more of unwanted attention following his contentious and controversial presidential bid announcement back in June. While he may have been prepared to tussle with the likes of NBC and Univision over his comments, he likely didn’t expect to draw the ire of hackers or lose a significant amount of money in the process.

As reported in the USA Today, Donald Trump’s Trump Organization has been hit with suspicious credit card activity and are investigating the possible data breach. Eric Trump, one of Donald’s sons, is leading the investigation into the data breach, but claims that there’s no definitive proof the organization or any of the many guests at Trump’s hotels have been targeted.

However, Brian Krebs, a cyber-security specialist, stated that fraudulent debt has been reacted from several banks back to Trump hotels. Given the abundance of credit cards used in these charged, some going as far back as February of this year, Krebs stated that there is no doubt that they have been victims of a data breach.

The Trump Hotel Collection isn’t alone, if they are indeed victims of a data breach. Mandarin Oriental, an international chain of hotels, were victims of credit card fraud back in March, and White Lodging had been hit twice with similar attacks within the span of one year.

The First Lady Sponsors a Fun Event For Girl Scouts


First Lady Michelle Obama sponsored a fun event for girl scouts as a part of her “Let’s Move” campaign to combat childhood obesity. Fifty girl scouts attended the first ever camping night on the White House South Lawn stated Claudio Loureiro.

The scouts learned how to tie knots and pitch tents. They also practiced climbing on a climbing wall. Astronaut Cady Coleman offered the girls a brief lesson in star watching, showing them how to identify different stars at night.

Mrs. Obama was joined by her husband, when the President dropped by to participate in a singalong. The Scouts had fun singing “Love Being a Girl Scout.”

The President told the scouts that they were having fun but “unfortunately, I’ve got to go to work.” When several of the girls protested, the President and First Lady held a group hug.

The scouts became the first to participate in an organized scout camp on the White House South Lawn. About 1 a.m. a heavy thunderstorm rolled into the area. For safety reasons, the White House evacuated the children to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where they spent the rest of the night sleeping in a conference room.

The First Lady has sought to attract more public attention to the issue of childhood obesity through the “Let’s Move” initiative. She supports providing better nutrition to children and increasing their physical activity levels in order to promote better health.

White House Photos

It has been nearly four decades since the United States banned tourists from taking photos inside the White House in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital. Yes, you heard correctly, for 40 years, nobody touring the White House was allowed to take any photos, selfies or use any social media platform. If this sounds like your worst nightmare, you can rest assured there is no return in sight for this law. In fact, the complete opposite is true. The White House is nowencouraging visitors to share their photos via social media with using the hashtag “#WhiteHouseTour”. Interestingly enough, the first group granted the privilege of photographing during the White House tour were a hand-selected group of popular bloggers so as to spread the word to their followers that this new rule had been implemented. Sam Tabar knows that Michelle Obama herself is featured in a video where she rips up a sign that said “No Photos or Social Media Allowed” as she encourages people to enjoy the tour and to share their experience online. The only things still banned on the White House tour is live-streaming, video recording and flash. It seems the White House is attempting to increase the number of visitors they have to their tours. Whether this is an attempt to have people feel more welcome and comfortable with their government, or just an extra way to make a few dollars, visitors should make their way to the White House now before they change their minds.

The American Worker

According to Twitter, President Obama has a plan in place that would expand overtime earnings and eligibility for millions of citizens in the workforce. The Administration is looking to require employers to pay employees overtime if they work more than 40 hours a week. Overtime is mandatory for hourly employees but is not for salaried employees. If managers or professionals in a management position make as much as $970 a week they will have to be paid overtime after working an average of 40 hours a week the rules for the overtime hike will be announced sometime on Tuesday. Some employees only receive $455 a week which averages out to $23,660 a year. When it comes to the income debate that estimates just below the federal poverty line in terms of taking care of a family of four. Routinely these people are not entitled to overtime wages since they are hired on as managers and cannot receive overtime wages. The new overtime wages would not take effect until 2016. These regulations are coming directly from the labor department. Individuals who work in restaurants or retail stores are going to be affected most. It is the hopes of many politicians that this will help shorten the gap of income inequality that is becoming a hot-button issue for the 2016 presidential campaign. The president is scheduled to talk more about the economy in the current stagnation of middle class and lower class workers in the next week.

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