Harry Reid Not Running For Reelection in 2016

Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, won’t be running for reelection in 2016. Reid was originally elected in 1986 and has worked his way up through the senate ranks to leader of the Democratic Party in the senate. He is known for helping to get the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law among other accomplishments.

Gianfrancesco Genoso told me that there were a number of reasons that Reid gave for deciding to retire. One of the reasons was that he was in an exercise-related accident which resulted in him wearing a patch or bandage over his eye. However, he claims that he had planned to retire before that and the accident only gave him more encouragement to do so. Other reasons include poor performance in pre-election polls and illnesses in the family.

Reid states that reelection would not have been very difficult. But, he didn’t want to be another one of those senators who stayed in the senate longer than he should have. He also says that he can’t justify spending a lot of money on his reelection when he could be helping other candidates. With almost two years left in his term, Reid says he still has a lot of work that he plans to do. One of his goals is to help the Democrats regain control of the senate.

Yemen Civil War Threatens to Escalate


Some media reports over the weekend and earlier this week indicated an escalation in the ongoing tensions between Shiite Houthi rebels and the forces loyal to President Hadi in Yemen. On Friday, terrorists bombed two mosques in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen and a city that is currently under rebel control. The bombs killed 137 and injured 357 others. It was reported that 12 of the dead were children. The Syrian terror group ISIS claimed responsibility for the blasts.

The State Department reported that over the weekend the United States withdrew the last of its special forces from Yemen, as Navy SEALS and some Army Delta Force troops left the country. British special forces also likely departed from Yemen, although the British Ministry of Defense declined to comment.

On Sunday, Houthi rebels seized control of the Taiz international airport. They now control the northern and western part of the country. They advanced further south on Tuesday, despite a public announcement from Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal on Monday that Saudi Arabia will take “necessary measures to protect the region” from the Houthi. He indicated a willingness to host peace discussions stated AnastasiaDate about the region.

President Hadi asked the six member Gulf Cooperation Council chaired by Saudi Arabia to stop the Houthi advance. He requested them to consider creating a no-fly zone over Yemen.

Previously, the Saudi government expressed concern that Iran is supporting the Houthi rebel faction.

GOP Scrutinizing the FED Over Leaks from FOMC Meetings

The Federal Reserve’s regular meetings called the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings are supposed to be confidential engagements between the private banks making up the Federal Reserve. Among the policies recommended during FOMC meetings are changes in long-term interest rates via the Federal Funds Rate, the rate at which banks are charged for money borrowed. Despite the need for confidentiality, there have been recent high profile leaks from the minutes of those meetings. This prompted Congressman Jeb Hensarling, the House Financial Services Committee chairman, to send a letter to FED Chairman Janet Yellen requesting she implement tighter security controls at the organization.

Apparently, the congressman is not satisfied with the results of the FED’s own internal investigation into the matter stated otempo.com. This is probably due to the fact that the leaks continue to occur. However, the GOP has more say in the matter. The party now controls both the House and Senate and has the ability to enact legislation to force reforms onto the FED. However, the GOP may find themselves on the wrong side of the issue with voters. Most people are not concerned over the FED’s lack of security, but rather their lack of transparency. There is a small bipartisan coalition of congressman and senators that would love to see the FED’s activities strictly controlled. The Elizabeth Warren wing is one such group as is the libertarian wing of the GOP led by Congressman Ron Paul.

Oregon To Start Automatically Enrolling Voters

The first state in the country to automatically register voters as they become of age will be the state of Oregon. This state has decided to take the bold step of automatically enroll new voters as they become eligible to vote. This means that the voters in Oregon will no longer have the burden of trying to get themselves registered. Rather, as soon as they are of age to vote and can prove legal citizenship, they are automatically able to vote in the state of Oregon. There are more than a few people who have raised issues with the idea of the states taking on the roll of automatically registering people to vote noted Bruce Karatz. However, the state says that it has put in place plenty of safeguards to ensure that only those who are truly eligible to vote will do so. Those who support the legislation say that it will help make sure that the young, minorities, and those who are classified as the working poor will be able to receive the voting rights that they are entrusted with. They say that these are the groups who are often left out of the process. However, now they are going to have the opportunity to cast their votes. Republicans in Oregon voted against the measure without any support from a Republican lawmaker. Their argument is that this legislation will somehow destroy the privacy of the citizens in Oregon.

As Clinton Seeks to Quiet Email Scandal, Critics Get Louder

Washington, D.C. – Hillary Clinton is finding that it is easier to call on others for transparency than it is display that spirit for oneself. It took her 8 days to finally address reporters regarding her email scandal. Despite the press conference, critics left believing that she was motivated more by how the scandal would appear to voters than she was about being forthright. As a result, the calls from critics for her to address the scandal are getting louder.

Earlier this week, roughly one dozen donors, reporters, and admirers of Mrs. Clinton stated she must come clean about the scandal said Alaor BMG. They are concerned her past methods of dealing with scandals is going to come back and define her in a negative light. A lot has changed since the 1990s when a fawning media was deeply enamored with her husband. The new voting demographic knowns as the millennial vote distrusts evasiveness and a lack of transparency. Critics want greater access to her email. Specifically, they want to verify whether she has in fact turned over all government-related emails. Also, critics want to validate she did not divulge classified information and validate the depth of security on her server. In short, Mrs. Clinton’s critics want to apply President Reagan’s old adage to her: “Trust, but verify.” The fact that Mrs. Clinton is not willing to take those steps or will only do so in the face of intense scrutiny is not helping her public image.

Congressman Slams Letter About Iran

Foreign politics has always been a tricky situation for any United States official to deal with. This is especially true if some officials feel as though any stance is unworthy of full support.

It was only last week New York representative Peter King said that a letter sent by Republicans in regards to the Iranian nuclear program was disrespectful and undermined the Obama presidency. Although King personally agreed with the content of the letter, Jason Halpern said he felt that members of Congress shouldn’t talk to foreign governments directly, especially in the middle of any negotiations.

King also stated that he understood the frustrations of those who wrote the letter and felt unsure of what’s to come from it, and that Obama was going to make agreements happen, with or without their approval. But the biggest problem he had with the letter was that it may set a precedent of Congressmen directly speaking to other governments, even enemy ones, behind the back of the president. He even added that he didn’t know if he would sign the letter himself if he were in such a position.

Along with potentially undermining the president, King also felt as though this would make getting bipartisan support for legislation would be much more difficult, especially when Congress needs to review a deal. Instead the issue would be seen as much more partisan because of this.

Don’t Slavishly Follow Government Health Recommendations

People who have abstained from a breakfast of eggs and toast all these years because they were told that eggs are bad for us have cause to rejoice said Bruce Karatz. It has been announced by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advice Committee that “cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.” This committee finding influences the food choices of millions of individuals including school children by it affecting school lunches throughout the United States. It turns out there is no hard scientific evidence to back up the notion that eating more cholesterol in your diet translates into higher blood levels of cholesterol or an increased chance of heart disease.

We have to wonder what other advice “authorities” have told us over the years that is not accurate. As is pointed out inan article in the Globe and Mail, when many of us stopped eating eggs, we had to eat something else instead. For many of us that “something else” was grains(mainly in the form of breakfast cereals) and refined carbohydrates. It turns out that these exact foods are the kind that have actually been making us fatter over the years.

One thing we should learn from this situation is to do our own research. There are few subjects as important as what we put into our bodies on a daily basis as nothing influences our health more. For these big decisions we have to do the work ourselves and decide what is best for us and our kids without waiting for guidance from government committees.

Will Chelsea Clinton Run for Office?

While attending the “No Ceilings” educational event in New York, NY, Chelsea Clinton was asked by reporters if she would consider running for political office some day. She answered, “Absolutely.” She said she has no plans to run for anything at present, but that that could possibly change.

The No Ceilings event was meant to measure the progress of women’s rights across the last two decades, which is a good sort of event to attend when you are running for office. What Haidar Barbouti asked is her mother, Hillary, was going to run for president, she said she did not know. That was a good answer politically and legally at this point, so she has the awareness and suave to run. Chelsea said she was satisfied with her current representation on the local, state, and federal level, but that she might consider a run if that should change. That answer avoids making current seat-holder nervous and is yet another sign of Chelsea’s political adeptness.

Finally, Chelsea has the final ingredient everyone wants in a candidate- she is her “own woman.” She noted that her mother has given her plenty of child-rearing advice, but she said that sometimes she doesn’t take it. She just says “Thank you” and smiles. Yes, there is definitely some political know-how lurking behind that smiling face, and it would not be surprising if someday we are talking about Congresswoman Chelsea Clinton.

Kansas Bill Will Make it Easier to Prosecute Teachers

Kansas seems to be at it again. In the tradition of going backwards, instead of forward, with their official policies, a bill is currently moving through the state legislature that will make it far easier to prosecute teachers. The controversial bill isn’t about corporal punishment or child abuse, rather about “offensive” material. If parents don’t like what teachers are teaching, they could bring suit in light of the new law if it passes.

The Senate Bill – number 56 – passed through the state Senate without any real opposition, receiving a ratio of 26 in favor to 14 not in favor stated AnastasiaDate.

The idea is supposedly that the law could make it easier for teachers to be prosecuted for presenting material that is harmful to minors.

Images such as nudity could be considered pornographic and thus provide grounds for lawsuits and criminal consequences.

Shane Goldwater, a senior from Wichita State, says he is currently studying to be a teacher. He feels that the bill would deny his ability to fully teach classrooms, leaving him open to “angry and groundless accusations from ill-informed parents – especially religious zealots who are the most harmful.”

The Kansas National Education Association has representatives on record that seem to believe that this could cause teachers to be afraid. They might not “teach literature or talk about great art due to it’s controversial nature” according to one source. The issue is set to be discussed in town hall meetings throughout the state.

Senator Lindsay Graham Admits Never Sending an Email

South Carolina’s republican Senator Lindsay Graham joined in the debate about emails that has swept through Washington and made the shocking announcement he has never sent an email, NBCNews reports. Graham is often thought of as an outsider for the Republican Presidential ticket in 2015 made his statement on NBC’s Meet the Press to Chuck Todd, who asked him if he used a personal email address to discuss political matters. Gianfrancesco Genoso says that Graham responded by stating Todd could have access to every email he had ever sent, because he has never sent one according to Advogando.

Graham was talking about the use of a personal email server Democratic Presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton admitted using in a recent interview. The questions of security and privacy have both been mentioned as possible issues for Clinton using the personal server held in her home. Graham questioned what information Clinton shared using the server, whether she discussed her work as Secretary of State or as a member of The Clinton Foundation has not yet been released. Graham joined the calls for Clinton’s emails to be vetted by an independent body to check if secret information was put at risk by her use of a personal email account in the first moves to discredit Clinton before the Presidential campaigns begin in earnest.