Why It’s Right To Invest In Gold Now

Can investing in gold actually be a bad thing? It is if you believe what the so-called experts on TV are telling their audiences on a day to day basis. Never before in the history of our economy has gold been under attack like it has been over the last few years. Of course the price of gold has fluctuated over the years, but never to the point where it was considered by the investing community a worthless investment. Now, there are many in the financial markets who are saying these very things. They believed that gold is not viable for investment opportunities, and totally ignore the concept of gold being an investment vehicle at the present time.

But one only has to look at the rest of the world to see a completely different story. In the largest economies, many investors and even entire governments are buying gold like never before. Considering the recent fluctuations in the world economic markets, many of them consider gold to be an excellent hedge versus inflation and ever increasing debt.

So which side do you believe? Is gold a good investment or not? Many individuals with knowledge of the markets believe that gold is a sleeping giant, and the time for it to awaken will take place within the next 6 to 9 months. Knowing investors and experts believe that a bear rally will precede the increase in the price of gold. They believe that the price of gold will go up anywhere from 10% to 30% in the next 3 to 6 months, preceded by a slowing in demand and the oncoming bear rally. If this happens, gold could possibly reach a price of up to $1300 an ounce in the next few months.

Usually the individuals that decry the merits of gold the loudest are often the ones that are wrong in the end. With the increase in purchasing of gold abroad, doesn’t it make sense to protect and hedge your investments in the same way that billionaires and multinational corporate interests do?

If you have ever thought about purchasing gold, now is the time to take advantage. Investing now while the current market price is low will almost assure a substantial return when the bear rally begins.

Gold sellers like US Money Reserve have years of experience in gold investment matters. They have a dedicated team of over 100 people who can assist you with any gold or gold coin purchasing questions. They specialize in different gold coin denominations from all over the world, and also offer as part of their services specialized minted coin approved by the U.S. Congress.

US Money Reserve has a substantial amount of information and advice for all levels of gold investors. Whether you have bought gold in the past, or are looking for an investment for the first time, US Money Reserve has multiple opportunities for you to invest in gold easily.

Tennis Star Martina Hingis Is The New Face of QNET

Business Wire is now reporting that QNET, a company of the QI Group, has announced their newest Brand Ambassador. The leading direct sales company has added Martina Hingis, the world famous tennis champion, to their team. The official announcement came from QI Group Managing Director Joseph Bismark on September 18th during the V-UAE at the Hamdan Sports Arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ms. Hingis was alongside Mr. Bismark as he announced her partnership to an audience of over 10,000 people.

Each year, Independent Representatives of QNET come together to “celebrate, learn, and grow as a community at V-Con” says the Business Wire article. The V-Con convention is held by The-V, a training, networking, and developing company founded in 1998. The 2015 V-UAE was also QNET’s 17th anniversary. Bismark was well aware that the best way to commemorate the milestone was by adding another member to the QNET team.

Ms. Hingis is a five time Grand Slam winner as well as a Global Ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame. She happily received her newest honor of Brand Ambassador from Joseph Bismark and seemed excited to join QNET. “It’s a great honour to be associated with a global brand like QNET whose presence in more than 100 countries speaks volumes of its strength and popularity.” Martina Hingis is yet another celebrity athlete to join QNET’s list of brand ambassadors; former faces of QNET include the Marussia Formula 1 team and the Manchester City Football Club.

In India, Ms. Hingis will serve as representative for the brand. Additionally, she will be competing in QNET sponsored events as she plays for the Champions Tennis League. As QNET’s Brand Ambassador, Hingis’ main goal will be to expand visibility of the brand throughout the world. She will wear QNET apparel as she competes in tennis games and will also endorse an array of products.

About Joseph Bismark
Joseph Bismark is a founding director of the QI Group. In December 2008, Mr. Bismark became the Group Managing Director. He is well known in the professional sphere for his energetic, insightful, and hands-on management style. Bismark is talented in bringing out the best in his colleagues; he works with one mantra in mind: everyone can achieve something wonderful with the right support system.

Bismark’s approach to work can be owed to his unique training and dedication to knowledge; he has extensive background in Vedic philosophy, martial arts, and yoga. He is also a bonsai master. Most importantly, Bismark considers himself a devotee of Truth.

The Different Forms of Intellectual Property Laws

Various state and federal laws are formulated to protect or assign monopoly to the owner of a creation. Such creations can be writing, painting, music, drawing, films and photography. Collectively, these laws are called intellectual property law. Some of these laws include trademark, patents, copyright, trade secrets and other.

To get permission to use someone else’s creative work, then that relates to the copyright law. Nevertheless, publicity, trade secrets, trademarks and privacy rights become a concern when an individual want to borrow certain work type. This article will discuss different intellectual property laws that are crucial for the approval process.

• Copyright. All original creative works are protected by the copyright laws. Such works include writing, movies, photos, dance, software, paintings, music and others. There are minimal requirements for the work to be protected by copyright laws. Copyright gives the creator exclusive rights although for a limited time. Copyright only covers the form and the manner in which the ideas and the information are expressed. The duration of time for protection is dependent on when the work was first published.

• Trademark. Logos, brand names, slogans and all other instruments used to distinguish or identify a product or a service are covered by trademark laws. As opposed to copyright, trademarks obtain a different level of protection with respect to some factors. Such factors are such as the product or the service the trademark identifies, knowledge of trademark by the customers as well as the geographical region where the trademark is employed.

• Trade secrets. There are laws that are formulated with the aim of protecting the sensitive information of a business. For instance, a confidential plan to introduce a new software or a secret recipe is protected by trade secrets. The extent of protection depends on whether the business gets an advantage over the competitor from the information and is therefore kept as a secret not to be disclosed to the competitor according to Frans Schoeman.

• Rights of publicity. A person’s name and image are covered by the right to publicity. These laws cover an individual from unauthorized use of his or her name or image in commercial engagements. For instance, the use of a person’s picture on cereal box without permission. These protections varies from state to state.

• Patent. This right is offered to an inventor by the government. It gives him the right to prevent others from making, selling, using and importing the invention and is limited for some time, in exchange to disclose the invention to the public. The invention must meet three requirements. Must be new, should not be obvious and must be applicable in the industry.

Frans Shoeman is a key partner in Joubert Schoeman Law Firm. He started his engagement in law matters in 1990. He has expertise in various areas such as commercial, corporate and business law. In 1987–1990, he joined the University of Free State and obtained a degree in Baccalaureus Procurationis, thereby qualifying as a lawyer in South Africa.

Real Estate Advice From Boraie Development

Real estate is an important thing to know about. People need to know all about real estate in order to determine what kind of property they want to live in. All people will need a place to live. Some people may want to rent a place while others may find that it makes sense for them to buy instead. The kind of property best for one person’s needs may not be quite right for another person’s needs. This is very much true of places like New Jersey where the housing stock is quite varied and many choices exist. People who plan to move to this state will need to have the best possible real estate advice at all times in order to make the right choices for their housing needs.

Working directly with a company such as Boraie Development can be the ideal way for someone to learn about their potential housing choices. Boraie Development is one of New Jersey’s leading providers of housing for those living here. Their work has primarily focused on providing housing choices of all kinds for New Jersey residents of many different backgrounds. The developers have also worked hard to help provide people in New Jersey with access to luxury housing that can be one of the best ways for any resident to enjoy all that New Jersey has to offer those living here. People who are considering moving to New Jersey will do well to consult the company and find out which particular housing choices might be right for them.

This can help anyone decide on the kind of housing that they might wish to rent. Renting housing can be a great way to have temporary housing that does not require the renter to have large amounts of capital for a down payment or require them to commit such capital to the housing situation on a long term basis. Doing so also helps the renter discover the kind of housing they might like to live in when they are living in New Jersey. This can help them pick out housing for their specific needs.

Financially Healthy Investment Advice For Small Business Owners

Owning a business should begin with a list of financial goals, in order to make it a rewarding experience. Savings strategies should be a part of the business plan, and should be a priority even in the leanest times. There are some financially healthy investment strategies that a small business owner can use that will prove to be beneficial to the business in many ways. First and foremost, developing a plan to guide the business through its lifecycles is key.

As a business owner, it is necessary to seek advice from dependable financial advisors when needed. Madison Street Capital is a leading international investment banking firm that analyzes their client’s needs and provides expert financial advice to achieve the best possible outcome. Madison Street Capital is committed to integrity, excellence, leadership, and service to both publicly and privately-held businesses.

Though Madison Street Capital has advised major corporations, the organization has helped hundreds of clients in a variety of industries to reach their financial goals. The company understand the uniqueness of each client situation and the importance of creating the precise source of funds to optimize each client’s potential. Madison Street Capital’s team of professionals are experienced in growth and working capital, mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring and consolidations, and other financing vehicles.

One important question to answer before a business owner begins investing or seeking advice from an investment banker is if the business has the financial stability to satisfy the demands of growth. If your business is a mature business and poised for growth, it is necessary to know your business’ cash flow, profit and loss, and other business metrics. Additionally, it is necessary to know what the business is worth. Business valuations are a type of service that an investment banker can provide.

Though some basic knowledge is needed to begin investing, there are many things to consider and those things may appear to be slightly overwhelming. Seeking advice from an investment banker may be one of the wisest decisions a business owner can make. Building a relationship with an investment banker gives the company the opportunity to evaluate the business and determine its needs based on the established business goals.

Brad Reifler: One of America’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs and Investors

With over 30 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur, Brad Reifler has enjoyed many successes. These years of success have currently landed him as founder and Chief Executor of Forefront Capital, LLC.

On Twitter Reifler talked about how he graduated with a degree in Economic and Political Science from Bowdoin College. He founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982. This firm became one of the largest and most successful independent futures companies and eventually sold to Refco Inc.

Another one of his impressive accomplishments began in 1995, when he founded Pali Capital. This company gave Reifler an opportunity to expand his abilities to a global level, acquiring offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore, and Latin America. Pali Capital was an enormous success and after 13 year of being CEO, Reifler acquired over $1 billion dollars in income.

Since 2009, Reifler has served as CEO of Forefront Capital, a company focused on advising registered investment advisers, top investment bankers, and business leaders. More recently Reifler has started an initiative known as Forefront Income Trust, a unique investment program serving non-accredited investors and middle class America. This is a 40 act fund that will not take any income until the investor gains 8% and will also donate 3% to veterans and military families.

Reifler serves as Director at Symmetry Property Development, LLC, Director ITG Market Research INC, ROOT Exchange and ITC Investment Research INC. He has served on corporate and advisory boards including European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, and Genesis Securities. He is also a Trustee of the Millbrook School and Chairman of the Finance Committee.

The Aspire – Luxury Apartment Living In Downtown New Brunswick

Something exciting has risen above the New Brunswick, New Jersey skyline thanks to Boraie Development LLC, the company behind the new luxury apartment complex called The Aspire. Located at 135 Somerset St., the modern, full-service building is comprised of 238 studio, one-bedroom and two bedroom units designed to please young and trendy renters looking for modern living quarters in a convenient, downtown location.
Situated in a neighborhood of multiple dining choices, night-life entertainment, and quaint retail stores, The Aspire offers a life style unique to the area. For commuter business professionals, the New Brunswick train station is only a block away. Medical professionals will find both Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Saint Peter’s University hospital close by. For college instructors and students, Rutgers University’s downtown center is also within an easy walk.
The many amenities Boraie Development has built into The Aspire includes 24-hour doorman service, private parking, a modern fitness center open day and night, and a concierge system where rents can be paid online and messages regarding deliveries and community events are transmitted.
One question on many apartment dwellers’ minds is, can I have a dog or cat? Yes, The Aspire is pet friendly. Owning a bicycle is always a problem for renters, but not at The Aspire. A free and secure bicycle storage area is available downstairs for all tenants. If problems arise with the apartment, on-site management will respond quickly to all your needs. Want to entertain a group of guests? There is a club room with a dining area and kitchen available.
The apartment units themselves are modern and pleasing to the eye. High ceilings, gourmet kitchens with islands, hardwood floors, and over-sized windows allowing the natural light to flow in are only a few of the outstanding features prospective renters are raving about.
As far as technology and appliances, The Aspire has only the latest and the best. Each apartment is wired for cable TV and high-speed internet. Bosch washers and dryers and stainless steel refrigerators and stoves come with each apartment. For the cold winters, gas-powered heating with state-of-the-art efficiency and controls will keep the apartments cozy warm.
The 18th-floor sky deck offers tenants a great party venue with outdoor electric barbeques and panoramic views of the city and nearby river.
The Aspire is only the latest Boraie offering in the urban New Jersey real estate market. The company covers all aspects of commercial real estate development including marketing, sales and property management. When people see new construction going up with a billboard in front advertising it as another Boraie Development LLC project, they can be assured only the best and most modern of buildings will stand there upon completion,

The Overwhelming Inspiration of Female Leaders

Men have been in leadership roles since the beginning of the birth of corporations. For hundreds of years this is just the way that it was. Companies were headed by men, and women were often reduced to clerks and secretaries. As time as moved on women have progressed up the corporate ladder and totally changed the way that men perceive the talents of females. I think that this is rather exciting because it provides a pathway for so many other women to shine their lights and become excited about the workplace. I have aspirations to one day become a CEO myself, and this is proof positive that there is a possibility if I do my part.

Woman like Susan McGalla have already broken down walls. I just have to get myself ready for the things to come. There are a lot of classes that I plan to take, but I will be totally involved in the learning process because Susan McGalla says that education is key. She graduated in 1986, and she made it known that this was the best thing that she could have done to jump start her career. I think that she has given good advice over the years, and women should look at her resume and find encouragement. She has been loved enough to become the CEO of two different companies. This is really amazing to me. I don’t know if there have ever been any women that can say that they were the CEO in two different organizations.

I think that more people are going to realize the power of women because they are fighting for their roles in the business world. They are applying for the positions in different areas and proving that they can get it done. This is what inspires me. They don’t take no for an answer. Many people think that they are going to eventually see the playing field level off a lot because women are working hard. They are fighting for equality, and I appreciate all of these women that are really trying to keep the door open for other women like myself.

It is totally intriguing to see how women like Irene Rosenfeld rose to the top as the CEO of Kraft. Susan McGalla was holding things down in retail as she headed American Eagle. There are a wide range of people that have just been able to make a large amount of progress by standing their ground and staying involved with certain companies. Some people work their way up in life and get the chance to grow with companies. Other business women have started their own organization from scratch. This has allowed them to take their products or services to another level. Women have used different things to reach different levels of success. All of this makes things better for businesswomen today.

Joseph Bismark Is An Inspiration In Every Way

An post published by Yahoo Finance states that the QI Group is proud to be part of the global compact network that the United Nations has put together because they are both striving towards the same things. The QI Group has always cared for the environment, as well as the welfare of the people who are employed by the company, and connecting to the United Nations in this way helps the QI Group to make sure to hold true to what it is striving to do.
Joseph Bismark is the man behind the QI Group, and when he formed this company he wanted it to be different than what people expect from businesses. He wanted his company to let spirituality shines through, and he wanted it to be somewhere that employees would treat each other with respect. And he’s made happen because of what the monks taught him in his years living with them when he was young.
Joseph Bismark is a man who lives his life differently than most people. He cares about the health of his body and mind, and he is always trying to make himself better. And, not just in those ways, but he also tries to make himself better in how he deals with others, as well. He treats others with respect, and he shows them that he believes in them and all that they are doing. He has a passion for his work, and for all that he does with the QI Group, and he is an inspiration in every way.

Kyle Bass Founder of Hayman Capital Management

The principal and founder of Hayman Capital Management is Kyle Bass. It a hedge fund that is based out of Dallas. Bass was born in Miami, Florida. He went Texas Christian University. He had received an academic and diving scholarship. After working at Prudential Securities, he worked at Bear Stearns. He soon became Bear Stearns’ Senior Managing Director. Next, he became Legg Mason’s Managing Director.

In 2005, Bass left Legg Mason after the part of the company where he worked was sold. His next step was to start Hayman Capital Management, L.P. Very soon after, Bass was able to both benefit and predict the mortgage crisis in the United States. He soon gained notoriety within the industry of financial services because of that prediction.

Over $27 billion is managed by the University of Texas Investment Management Co. Bass on the Board of Directors for UTIMCO. He is also on the Troops First Foundation board of directors. With the Serengeti Asset Management Advisory Board, Bass is a founding member. The Advisory Council of the Comeback American Initiative promotes sustainability and fiscal responsibility. Bass is a member of its Advisory Council as well. Additionally, before the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, and Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Bass has given expert witness testimony.

In 2006, the first hedge fund that Bass ever launched began. In addition to his $10 million, he had to raise $33 million in order to launch it. When Bass was in Spain for a wedding he was tipped off by a New York City investment banker. When he returned to the United States, he decided to enlist the help of private investigators so that he could find out what it took to get a mortgage.

Bass took the time to study the market for residential mortgages. He also took the time to figure out which securities that were backed by residential mortgages would most probably default. In 2007, after the United States experienced a great deal of foreclosures, Bass made a fortune. Bloomberg TV featured his success.

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